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Practice Areas


Areas of Legal Practice

A general practice attorney must have varied talent and varied experience.  In Central Illinois clients face many types of legal issues and the family’s attorney must be equipped to provide legal assistance in these varied areas.  It may be that a family member has been accused of a crime in State of Federal Court.  Another may have been injured in an accident, or need help in family court for a divorce, adoption or guardianship. The general practice attorney with a lifetime of experience can address the needs of these clients.  The same attorney can prepare wills and trusts, and provide the documents and advise in a sale of a home or business.  The range of a general practitioner meets the personal legal needs of clients.  The relationship of attorney and client is a meaningful one relying on mutual trust and confidence.

Criminal Defense

The firm has a storied history of representing clients in state and federal courts in Illinois and beyond. From traffic infractions white collar issues to violent felonies, Steve Beckett has the skill to defend those accused of a crime.

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Estate Planning & Probate

One of the most likely areas of the law that requires an attorney’s assistance is the process of planning for the future and working through the process of losing a loved one. Of course, the staff at Steve Beckett Law Office all have families of their own and appreciate the practical considerations of leaving a legacy and implementing that plan.

On estate planning matters, we always start by meeting with the client (whether in person or virtually) and *listening* to them, letting them tell us who their families are, what is important to them, what assets they have, and how they wish to provide that legacy for the future. We employ different strategies for different situations (a Will might be a solution for one client, while a trust or another estate planning tool may be the best way forward for another), and always with the client’s wishes front and center with a full understanding of the plan. In Estate and Probate matters, Steve Beckett is well-versed in advising executors, administrators, and guardians of those who have passed or are disabled, to help them fulfill their responsibilities to marshal assets, satisfy debts and provide for beneficiaries.

Elderly Couple Contract

In matters that involve will contests, claims against estates or even claims against individuals involving an estate, Steve Beckett has the experience with such proceedings to advise you of your rights and represent you in any judicial proceeding.

Real Estate

Another high-contact area for lawyers and clients, real estate transactions require the services of an attorney who can manage many moving pieces and have them all synchronized in time for the closing. Steve Beckett & his staff work in tandem to see that this is done, whether the transaction involves a modest residence, an apartment complex, a farm, or a commercial building. Whatever the property, we have the experience to assist our clients through any process they may face.

Signing a Contract

Personal Injury

Steve Beckett Law Office has 50 years of experience handling personal injury cases in Illinois and beyond. Whether it’s negligence state case or Multi-District Litigation action in Federal Court, we will listen to you and help you understand your legal rights. Our personal injury expertise spans the area of General Personal injury cases including Wrongful Death, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip-And-Fall and other claims.


Other Areas of Legal Practice

  • Family Law

  • Business and Commercial Transactions

  • Arbitration

  • Small Claims 

  • Civil and Criminal Appeals (State and Federal Courts)”

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